3 Things Your Mantel Needs!

If you follow along on Instagram (@highcotton101), you know that my love for a good mantel is no secret. There is something about mantels that excites me! There are tons of ways to decorate a mantel, but there are 3 guidelines I tend to stick to.

1. Focal Point

2. Height

3. Greenery

While the decor may change along with my style and the season, these 3 things are always on my mind while decorating a mantel.

Focal Point - This is where the eye is drawn. You want this piece to stand out. Ideas for your focal point are mirrors, wreaths, or a large pieces of artwork.

Height - To me the key to decorating a mantel is to incorporate a variety of levels. This is aesthetically pleasing to me. Ways to add height to your mantel include candlesticks (my fav), vases, or stacking books.

Greenery - One of my favorite things to add to mantel is a plant or faux greenery. This could be a potted plant, faux stems, garland, or a wreath.

I hope this inspires you to have fun decorating your own mantel!



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