My Why

The most commonly asked question I get is, "Why did you name your business High Cotton?". For the longest time, I struggled explaining this. It was like I knew why in my head, but I was not sure it made sense out loud. 

Five years ago, I graduated college with basically no idea what to do next. I decided to enroll in graduate school, because that seemed like the most logical way to avoid adulthood. One day my parents took me to Caddo Valley Flea (fun fact : you can still shop HC there today), and I was instantly hooked on flea markets. I remember that feeling of pure joy and excitement. I knew I had to get myself a booth. 

I did my flea market research and realized that all the "cool" booths had a name. What would I name my booth? A question I asked myself for weeks. I wanted it to be short and easy to remember. One afternoon, I heard the Alabama song "High Cotton". For some reason, that phrase "High Cotton" stood out. I did some research and learned that the phrase was used by farmers. When the crops and profits were high... that is known was "walking in high cotton". I got to thinking about how a farmer must feel when the crops were profitable. I imagine that they feel joy and excitement to see the fruits of their labor. I thought back to that day in the flea market with my parents. I thought about how excited I am when I stumble into an old dresser that needs love. I thought about how my heart is full of joy picking vintage goods with my parents. I thought about how much I enjoy creativity and design. That was it. High Cotton. 

To me, High Cotton is a feeling. It's that feeling that warms your heart when you do something you love. It's a feeling that everyone needs. Maybe your High Cotton feeling is hiking, sewing, baking, hanging out with your kids, running, or eating guac (this is also a passion of mine). Whatever gives you that magical feeling... you need to follow it. You MUST follow it!! 

This is me encouraging you to get out there are find that feeling! 
Here are few pictures of High Cotton throughout the years :O 


Our Caddo Valley Flea Market booth several years ago. I wish I could find a picture of the very first booth set - up! 

High Cotton started out as a collection of home decor I was ready to part with and vintage! VIntage is where it all began, and we try to always have several vintage items in each booth!

For about a year, we had a location in Magnolia, Arkansas! I loved this booth! Mainly because of the huge white wall that my dad installed for me! Sadly, the flea market closed. 

We also had a location in Camden for a while! The Magnolia and Camden flea markets both closed around the same time. At this time, I was so sad to see 2 booths close at once. This ended up being a blessing, because this is when I started to dream up an online shop!

Amity Trade Days. This was the first time we set up as show vendors!  I was hooked! We now attend a few vintage shows yearly! 


If you made it this far WOW I love ya!

Talk soon, pal!

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- Carly



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