Styling a Tray

I love trays of all shapes and sizes! There are no rules to styling a tray, but I have noticed that I do lean towards the same type of items each time I style a tray! You can really use anything to style your tray. 
Let's get styling!
1. Start with your favorite tray
Any tray will work! I used our Square Tray! 
2. Add some height
The best way I know to do this is with books! I like to make a stack of 2 or 3 books. I REALLY like vintage books! That's the teacher and reader in me! 
3. Add something with character or interest 
I like to add something a little interesting to my trays. I used a few old clocks today. This could be anything! Just make sure it's something you personally love!
Your tray is not complete without a candle! Currently my favorite candle is from our Eleven Point Collection! 
5. Add some life with a potted plant or fresh flowers
This is my favorite step! Even if it is a faux plant, ADD IT! 
6. Filler
If you have some left over space, I like to add a group of THREE! Three of something. I tend to always use some type of candle stick. This time I went with 3 vintage brass candle sticks! Candle sticks also add another element of height!
It's that easy! All of these products can be found on our website! 
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Thanks for reading, pals! 

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