Tub and Tile Update

Some say that I will paint anything, and I now believe them. I painted my tub and shower tile. Yes... you read that right. It seems a little crazy and honestly I am not sure how this paint works. This is the perfect way to update any outdated tile without breaking the bank. I will tell you this - this DIY was HARD! The end product was worth it, but about halfway in I wanted to quit and take a nap. 

What you need - (Yes, it does seem like a lot) 

1. Clorox Bleach
2. Comet
3. Lime-A-Away
5. Respirator Mask * DO NOT do this without one*
6. Gloves
7. Several Foam Rollers
8. Several Foam Brushes
10. Retractable Knife (IF you Caulk to remove)
11. Scrubbing Pad
12.  Caulk
14. Painter's Tape
15. Paint Tray and Liner
 TIP  - BUY THE RESPIRATOR MASK. This is the most important thing I can tell you. This is not normal paint. The smell is SO DANG STRONG! I would suggest doing this project the day before you leave town (HA)!

How it happened 

The most important step(s) in this DIY is cleaning the tile! You want it as clean as possible. 
1. Clean tub and tile with a bleach/water mixture and rinse (I used my spray bottle and scrubbing pad here)
2. Clean with Comet and rinse
3. Clean with Lime - A - Away and rinse 
4. While the tile is still wet, sand with Wet/Dry Sandpaper and rinse
5. Let dry completely
6. Tape off your faucet, drain, and any other fixtures in your shower 

Put your mask on! Here comes the fun!

7. Mix Part A (Activator) into Part B (Base) 

*Pour A into B. Close B with a hammer. SHAKE IT UP!*

8. Trim around fixtures and edges with foam brush

9. Roll paint on tile and tub

10. Let dry before 2nd coat is applied

I took a day long break here.. haha! 

11. Apply a 2nd coat 

12. Allow 3-4 days before shower/tub is used again

13. DONE! 

Okay.. so that was long, but overall I am pleased with this project! I was so impressed with the way the paint dried. It doesn't feel or look like normal paint. It has a tile - like finish to it. 

How long will this last? You know, I am not sure. But after reading over 100 reviews - I think it will last a while. I will update y'all in 6 months on mine!

Is it perfect? Heck no. I'll be honest.. some places look better than others. I was kinda upset that it didn't look Pinterest Perfect, but then I realized that this is tile from the 1940's and it looks a heck of a lot better now! Besides.. what in life really is Pinterest Perfect? 

Here are a few before, during, and after photos! 

Before Photos

Something about this tile and tub combo made the whole area look dingy. 

And yes, I HATE the chrome/gold fixtures and safety bars (LOL), but I am working with what I've got! 

After Photos

It looks so much cleaner, and it brightened the bathroom up so much! 

Thanks so much for reading, pals! 

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