Porch Update

My first words of wisdom are.... do not do this on a 100 degree day! Whew, I sweated a lot during this DIY! 

My front porch isn't much of a front porch, but I am working with what I've got! I decided that the best way to update this space would be to paint it! I was amazed at what a little paint (and a lot of sweat) could do!

Front Door Supply List: 

Quart of Paint (I used Sherwin Williams Resilience Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint

Painter's Tape

Primer (I used Sherwin Williams All Purpose Primer

Paint Brushes or a roller (I am not particular to any brand of brush, but for this I used a Purdy 3 Inch and Edger. 

Concrete Supply List:

Paint (I used 2 quarts - this paint needs to be Oil Based) Go to your local SW and tell them what you are painting, and they will fix you up!

A Cheap Paint Brush - You will not be able to reuse this brush after the Oil Based paint. 

Roller and Roller Handle


I loath prep! Mainly because I am ready to get started, but throughout my DIY projects I have learned that prep is very important! I power-washed the door and the porch just to make sure they were as clean as possible! If the door is wood, you need to sand it smooth before priming and painting. The concrete will not need to be primed

Front Door Steps: 

1. Sand door

2. Wipe down 

3. Tape the door. I was lazy and painted around the hardware, but you can remove it you are feeling really awesome. 

4. Prime

5. PAINT! I ended up doing 3 coats of paint.

Concrete Steps: 

1. Clean as best as possible

2. PAINT! 

Doesn't get more simple that that! If you get this Oil Based Paint on your clothing... it ain't coming out. Be very careful to only get the paint where you want it! I rolled the large parts, and then trimmed it. 


Overall, this is a super SIMPLE AND CHEAP DIY. And who doesn't love simple and cheap?! You can knock this out in about 2 days! 

Before - It needed some TLC!

During - I suggest doing this project early in the morning when it's cooler!



Sources : 
Front Door Color - Sherwin Williams Dutch Tile
Concrete Color - Sherwin Williams Folkstone


Thanks for reading, pals! 

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