Beginner's Guide to House Plants

Let me just be honest.. I have killed every House Plant I have ever purchased. RIP to my Fiddle Fig tree that lasted one month. I need plants that basically don't need me. Plants that don't need me to remember to water them, or give them sunlight. Because I will forget. Every. Time.
So I set out to do some research on House Plants. Surely there was a plant out there that I could keep alive. 
1. Snake Plant 
This is where my plant mom journey began. I bought this $6.99 from IKEA. I was determined to keep it alive for a month.
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There she is! 5 months later still living! 
Okay so.. Snake Plants like DRY SOIL and INDIRECT SUNLIGHT.
Dry. Soil. AKA you don't have to water it much. I seriously water this plant maybe twice a month. Indirect sunlight. This means it can survive with minimal sunlight. Set this plant by a glass window or door and it will thrive! This is great for indoor plant! I am convinced that this plant cannot be killed. 
2. Pothos Plant 
Probably my favorite house plant!! I love this house plant hanging in macrame! These plants need medium light, so they work great indoors. They do need to be watered often. They need damp soil at all times. I would say water your Pothos Plant every other day. You don't want to drown it.. just dampen the soil. A cool Pothos fact is that they purify the air. They will remove toxins from the air around them.... what a kind house plant :) 
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House plants add color and movement to your space! I love to bring outdoor elements inside, and house plants are the perfect way to do that! There are so many ways to decorate with house plants! There are few other house plants that  I am going to try out soon! I'll report back! Thanks for reading, pals! 
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